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Humpty Dumpty featuring ELi

Produced by: Sasi The Don & D’Navigator

Music Arranged by: D’Navigator

Bass Line: Taddy P (Jamaica)

Sax: Syed H Daniel (Malaysia)

Recorded at: Platinum Studios & Star Sound Studios (Malaysia)

Mixed and Mastered by: Andrew Denny (Jamaica)

Published By: Sony Music Publishing

Lyrics Written & Music Composed by : Sasi The Don

Executive Producer: Sasi The Don




Intro (ELi)

Don Don, man we got it figured out, like this

E.L.I we got it locked down like this,

This is a song about you and me,

How we fell apart, and broke into reality,


Humpty Dumpty Sat on de Wall

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Humpty Dumpty was a fan of Dancehall

Humpty Dumpty Rise above all

Verse 1 (Sasi The Don)

Pick up the Mon from the corner

Even from the centre, Livin in the area

Yes Mi Brother, Together we can prosper

Making it greater, Taking it Higher

All my brethren’s come on wine up with me

All my sistren’s come on wine up with me

All my daddies come on wine up with me

All my mummies come on wine up with me


Verse 2 (Sasi The Don)

Look at the world, do u know its running out of order?

People ah People, dem killing each other,

Fire! Burning Love and Burning Mother Nature,

Water! Eating Earth and Lands are getting Smaller,

Systems around the world, dem gone haywire,

Politicians talk, tomorrow they can’t remember,

People want a change, they want dem voice to get louder,

Humpty makes a song about everything people wonder

ELi verse (Bridge)

Humpty dumpty had a great fall,

Little did he know that he was in us all,

The people round him helped him negate the fall,

Thru rain and shine amid the downfall yall

The revolution will now be televised,

For a solution with shock to tell the wise,

About pollution we gone and messed around,

To resolute in, mistakes in present life.


everybody for the continuous love and support

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