Sasi The Don

Sasi The Don, an award-winning artiste and producer from Malaysia, has released 6 albums to date, with many more in the pipeline.

Being a household name of Reggae Music in Asia, Sasi The Don is no stranger to the International Reggae Arena. He has been performing and recording albums as a mainstream artiste since the year 2000.

Known to many, as the Reggae Ambassador of Asia, Sasi The Don was the first Reggae Artiste from Asia to be given that title by the International NGO for Reggae Music and Creators known as “Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide” in 2002.

Making hits.

Sasi The Don has sold more than 100,000 copies of his albums. He is the first Solo Malaysian Tamil artiste to break mainstream performing Original Tamil songs to non-Tamil audience.

He is popular for his music works, especially in his collaborations with Regional and International Acts. To date Sasi The Don holds the record for most number of songs through collaborations in his career.

He has a great mix of Chart Busting hits created with some of the finest names in the music business. These artistes with whom he has collaborated with include Amy Search, Zainal Abidin, Anita Sarawak, Apache Indian (International), Dr.Alban (International), Maxi Priest (International), Jaclyn Victor, Amy Mastura, Ning Baizura and Namewee.

Making history.

He has won and has been nominated for multiple music awards in the region, including Anugerah Industri Musik Malaysia, Bintang Popular, Anugerah Era, Anugerah Juara Lagu, Anugerah MACP, Anugerah Planet Musik and the list goes on.

His most reputable award would be MACP’s recognition for Artiste with Most Played English Song in 2009 and Most Popular Solo Artiste for the Malaysian Indian Music Industry Awards in 2002. He has made tremendous impact with musical works and as a performer.

The globetrotter.

Sasi The Don has had the opportunity to perform in many countries around the world since 2007. His music has taken him on journeys to London in 2010 for his first Solo Showcase; he performed in Mumbai for Nokia Music Connects in 2007 and 2010.

In 2010, Sasi The Don performed in Hong Kong for the Music Matters Festival representing Malaysia. Following that, Sasi The Don has made stage appearances in Vietnam, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Thailand, Sweden, Singapore, Mauritius, India and Lithuania.

Since his humble beginnings, Sasi The Don has had the opportunity to be on the stables of some leading record labels. He has been an artiste of Positive Tones, Sony Music, Universal Music India, Times Music India and currently back again with Sony Music.

Hey General!

He is well noticeable with his dreads and image as a Reggae personality. Being born in Malaysia and Mixing Reggae with A Strong Fusion of Indian and Asian Classical elements is the magic he brings in most of his songs.

Sasi The Don is a reputable Composer, Song Writer and Producer from Malaysia. With his diverse influence in music, where he grew up listening to rhythms of Apache Indian, Dr.Alban, Shaggy, Bob Marley, Maxi Priest and A R Rahman.

Sasi The Don’s songs are melodic and they come in a package made of Catchy Beats, Lyrics and Bass Line. He has adapted the Jamaican Accent (Pattwa) and Music (Reggae) through the years of influence since his early school life.

Music with a purpose.

Since 2018, Sasi has been creating more music and content, seeing the success of his collaboration with Songstress Anuradha Sriram back in 2018 with the big hit ABCD, Sasi The Don embarked on a release titled Daddy Don. The song was dedicated to all fathers around the world and definitely to single mothers who live their lives being fathers to their children as well. This song became a hit globally, especially in Jamaica and was played on many Reggae Charts and Playlists around the world.

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